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Visibly Struck has been named a Foreward Reviews BOOK OF THE YEAR - Finalist Religious Fiction!

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Visibly Struck has won a Silver Medal in the 2014 Feathered Quill Book Awards.

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VISIBLY STRUCK recieves 5 out of 5 stars! Read about it HERE!

VISIBLY STRUCK was selected for inclusion in SPLASH Magazines' 2013 Book Gift Guide and SPLASH Magazines' 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

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"Visibly Struck is an enjoyable historical. The storyline enables the reader to better understand George Washington through the experiences of the Father of Our Country as a soldier and a statesman, and his writings that argue in his strong 'Faith in the Invisible Hand of God'…. readers will appreciate this engaging different perspective of the founding of America." - Harriet Klausner, Genregoround Reviews

“Terrific read! I was entertained, enlightened, and inspired. What more can you ask from an author?”
- Dave Gillogly, retired President/COO Express Personnel Services

“Entertaining as well as enlightening, Visibly Struck is a rich, realistic account of two extremes of faith at work in (and on) the hearts of people. Lucidly researched and presented, this work satisfies the consciousness of the casual reader as well as those seeking to experience the trust and conviction that carried Washington through his years as a founding father of a great nation. Visibly Struck captures the attention and won’t let go…a must read for anyone interested in a fact-based account intertwining the faith and history that fundamentally shapes the American Spirit.”
- Orneita Burton, Associate Professor, Abilene Christian University

“I am an American history buff, but I've never read anything quite like Visibly Struck. A surprising and engaging perspective of the forces that shaped George Washington's life and destiny, this book gives the reader a new and inspiring way of thinking about the founding of the United States.”
- Joe Calloway, author of Be the Best at What Matters Most

“Steve Kubicek moves seamlessly between Biblical and American history to weave a story line that is both compelling and exciting.  The result is an unprecedented examination of the steps and guiding forces behind perhaps the greatest of our founding fathers.  This book should be required reading for all, especially those who doubt this great nation was not formed from a divine charter.   In God we trust indeed!" 
- Robert Dickie, President, Crown

“I cannot put into words how reading Visibly Struck has influenced me. I learned SO much about George Washington and the Historical Magnificence of the founding of the United States of America. Most importantly, I learned a lot about ME and my Christian beliefs… Faith…Wonderment about the influence of God’s Hand in my life and the lives of others. Visibly Struck puts to rest any doubt I have ever had in the Love and Power of God. Steve Kubicek has crafted a book which comes at, what I believe to be, the PERFECT time for the people in this day and age here in the USA and throughout the world. These are messages everyone needs to hear in these times of uncertainty and turmoil…Times when I believe there are many people Spiritually adrift. This book could very well be instrumental in bringing people back to their faith.”
- Barry Owen, Life Rhythm Advocate, Founder and Principle Broker Pareto Realty, LLC

“I felt as if I were right alongside ‘Spitz’ as he moved to renew his faith in God while witnessing the many acts of Providence that guided George Washington throughout his journey to becoming the father of the United States of America.”
- Ron Long, Staff Sergeant and Combat Medic in the TN Army National Guard

“Visibly Struck is a fascinating glimpse into the faith of our first president and how his relationship with God guided his life and our nation. Told in a powerful, entertaining way that was so unique I couldn’t put it down.”
- Aspen West Anderson

“I felt as if I were right alongside ‘Spitz’, as he moved to renew his faith in God while witnessing the many acts of Providence that guided George Washington throughout his journey to becoming the Father of the United States of America.”
- Ron Long, Staff Sergeant, Combat Medic, TN Army National Guard

“Stephen Spitzen seeks to come to terms with God after losing his son and daughter-in-law in a plane crash. While in a coma he returns to the Revolutionary War era. Well documented events show that George Washington believed God intervened in his life and in the formation of the new nation.”
- Patsy Stevens, Webmaster Garden of Praise and former School Teacher

"Presently people discuss the meaning or intent of our founding fathers about religious freedom or freedom from religion. This book helps to answer that question by showing George Washington’s faith, beliefs, and attitude toward the Almighty! Great book!”
- Tom Voth, business owner in Houston Texas



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